Why I Don’t Like Unicorns

There was a time when a group of writers I know were obsessed with unicorns for yet another reason. This post appealed to me because I didn’t get it. 🙂


Recently, someone asked where I stood “on the unicorn question.

I don’t like unicorns.

Now, you’d be correct if you pointed out that I’ve never met a unicorn. There may be a unicorn out there who could change my mind. The first unicorn I meet might make me think otherwise about the rest of them. He might, but I doubt it.

A Brief Shot At Mimes

It’s not my way to condemn an entire group, as I’m doing with unicorns.

There are exceptions. I think we can all agree that all flu viruses and all mimes are worthy of our condemnation. That is because we know that it is inconceivable to think that we might meet an individual mime or a single virus who would make us feel bad about disliking their entire species.

Until I meet that one unicorn who changes my mind, I am sticking with my…

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