The Parisian Assignation (Novel In Progress)


The Parisian Assignation

The Parisian Assignation

Stephen has lived most of his life believing he was a middle-class Cranford. He has finished college, begun a career, and is engaged to a supermodel. What more could an All-American Boy ask for? On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Stephen learns the truth about his origins, changing his life forever and putting him on the true path to fulfilling his potential in exotic France.

American-born Nicole Parker has been educated abroad since she was in grade school. An MBA and expert linguist, she is excellent at what she does, but does she remind Stephen all too much of someone he’d rather forget?

Will the Parisian assignation prepare Stephen to claim his legacy, or will his assistant drive him to distraction, in more ways than one?

Novel in Progress. Read 1st Five Chapters here:

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